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3 Reasons to Try This Texas Meat Delivery Box for Grill Masters

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As grill masters and food enthusiasts across the country continue to seek out the highest-quality meat cuts, it makes sense that the demand for specialized meat delivery services has never been higher. With so many options to choose from, though, how can anyone find the best meat delivery option? 

Augustus Ranch wants to help. Unlike other subscription services, who usually source their meat from ranches or factories they partner with, Augustus Ranch handles all its own meat. When you sign up for our Texas meat delivery service, you’ll enjoy regular servings of ethically sourced, locally processed, and delicious meat.

Here are a few reasons you should consider us for all of your authentic and ethically sourced Texas meat delivery services:

100% Local and Pasture-Raised

It’s not difficult to find meat in a supermarket that loudly proclaims how it’s “pasture-raised” and/or “grass-fed.” Unfortunately, those labels can be more than a little misleading. The solution is to buy your meat directly from the people who produce it, allowing you to ask questions and get the real answers.

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The loose enforcement of the “grass-fed” label has created a lot of gray areas. Animals are often raised partially on grass or pasture, then shipped to a facility where they spend the final months of their life (also known as the finishing period) eating a diet of corn and cheap byproducts. Augustus Ranch offers a no-nonsense, crystal clear alternative.

Every Augustus Ranch animal is born and raised on Texas soil and lives in open pastures where they can graze and forage just as naturally as they would in the wild. We never use antibiotics (and if we do, it’s to save the animal’s life, and we’ll never sell meat from an animal that was given antibiotics), and we go to great lengths to ensure our cattle are ranch-raised from “cradle to grave.”

Making Transparency a Priority 

It’s important to note that a 100% grass-fed diet doesn’t necessarily create the best meat, though. It’s not always easy for cattle to get the nutrient quality they need from a purely grass-based diet. To ensure our animals have the best quality meat, we augment their diet in the final two to three months of their lives with a wholesome, customized ration we’ve spent years perfecting.

Instead of the hormones, corn, and other less-than-ideal ingredients often found in the ration given to cattle, Augustus Ranch uses one created in a local feed mill that’s specially developed from a mixture of non-GMO barley and flax in addition to plenty of fresh forage, which keeps the nutrients and Omega-3 content in our cattle on the higher end.

We want our customers to know exactly what goes into the Texas meat delivery boxes that show up on their doorsteps, which is why we’re so committed to transparency in our ranching practices. When you eat our products, you’ll know every step of the process that meat went through to get to you. This way, you can be confident that you’re not only investing in locally raised and processed Texas meat, but also in the sustainable and ethical business practices we strive to uphold.

A Wealth of Options and Flavor

If you’re looking for the best meat delivery service, get in touch with us! We have a variety of bundles that include everything from beef to pork to chicken to any and all of the best meats to grill that you can imagine. And when you subscribe to one of our Texas meat delivery bundles, you’ll not only get a regular portion of premium cuts sent right to you, but you’ll also save money! 

We even have a collection of delicious recipes for you to peruse if you’re looking for a reason to put your grilling skills to use. Whatever your grilling needs or cravings are, we have a Texas meat delivery box for you.

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